Moving into the Infinite



This campeign helped us to raise funds for the filmproject´s postproduction. 

I offered 200 friends and acquaintances to download the interviews we held during our shooting days. We sent out this gift with the request, to collect donations for the film, e.g. by holding "home cinema" with friends. With 200x200 Euros all expenses of the film would have been covered. Though we reached far below 40 000 Euros, we collected enough money to bring the film to where it is now: ready to be displayed in festivals and cinemas!

Though postproduction is completed, we still have ongoing costs in order to bring the film into the world. At least at this point, when we are still caring for the distribution ourselves, bills need to be payed for translation, proofreading, graphic, print, DCP production, festival and market submissions, travelling costs etc.

You are welcome to become a Golden200 even now and download interviews and audios from our DVD Gallery. Just write us an email. We will forward to you instructions, username and password for the Golden200 download site. 

DVDs can also be ordered individually.

Apart from Golden200 we have prepared a list of gifts for our sponsors.