Moving into the Infinite



Moving into the Infinite, a semi-autobiographical film essay, follows a woman who discovers her spiritual practice in dance. Her unconventional calling -- to dance for god -- moves her to travel across the globe, to dance in holy as well as secular spaces, and celebrate with people of different religions and cultures, finding common ground in the heart. 

Art, spirituality, peace research, human ecology, therapy, and community become the venues of the dance. Through its 11 interviews with diverse people from 12 countries including Iran, Turkey, Thailand, Israel, and Palestine, differences melt away. What appears foreign at first reveals a deeper intimacy as we witness moments of initiation, conflict and celebration.

Devadasi is one name for traditional temple dance in India and also the title for its practitioner. The story of this modern Devadasi -- her projects and journey -- serves to shed light on the intention and nature of temple dance, beyond borders of tradition and religion. Moving into the Infinite traces the soul's quest. It is a dance film and a cosmic love story about the desire for Truth in the guise of dance.