Moving into the Infinite


Press text

A young woman, thrown from a state of innocence, sets out on a spiritual quest. She follows an inner longing and discovers her calling to dance for god. As she travels the world, she meets and dances with people from different cultures, traditions and religions, sharing with them the smallest house of God, the human heart.


Moving into the Infinite, a semi-autobiographical dance film -- parts documentary, film essay, and fairytale -- was produced and directed by the dancer, Carola Stieber, alias Paramjyoti. Paramjyoti shares and communicates the fruits of her many journeys throughout the world, how she was captivated by dance and has developed her own practice. Her narrative journey celebrates what is important in life -- to be oneself, to find one's true nature, and to connect with that which is unchanging: in short, moving into the infinite.


Impossible to categorize, the film alternates between scenes of dramatic intensity, probing interviews, and poetic magic at the hands of cinematographer, Eckart Reichl. Even without sound or plot, it is possible to immerse oneself within the kaleidoscope of aesthetic and rich images. Moving into the Infinite is a declaration of love to that which is truly alive and inherent in all cultures, religions and human hearts.